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So you’ve found us … impressive. And no, there’s no porn. Sorry about that.

Please try not to look like you’re enjoying our site and ebooks. If you spread it around, they’ll ALL want their own Really Blue Books ebook. We can’t have you crashing our site in the pursuit of your own fulfillment! Just think of the almighty to-do there would be. Then they’ll be carousing in the street and having parades in our honour. Unacceptable.

We’re the rogue digital publisher of the modern era, here to fight DRM and rescue digital-savvy readers in distress*. We’re the black sheep, the non-pirate pirate, the man who spies on your… ah, not that one. But you get the idea. We’re here for YOUR benefit – finding the wasted talent amongst the sea of poor grammar and tired genres and putting it into YOUR hands.

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You see, this is supposed to be a covert operation.

* This is a non-cape wearing enterprise.

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